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Melt Ventures Powers The Creation Of The World’s Best Products​

Melt Ventures believes hardware is the new software. We provide capital, expertise and advice to advanced manufacturing focused Australian startups with global ambitions.

For Builders

We believe that product based startups can win.

We back companies who are building something remarkable in energy, agriculture, IoT and advanced manufacturing.

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For Investors

We believe high-growth companies in the Advanced Manufacturing sector will underpin Australia’s future.

Our Fund is the first dedicated early stage Advanced Manufacturing Fund (ESVCLP) in Australia.

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What we are looking for

We believe investing is a two way street, here is what we look for and what we offer in return.

From you

Founding Team

In our experience the number one factor in the success of your business is the quality of the founders and the team they can attract. While length of the experience in the team is not critical your ability to lead and successfully scale a team is.

In our experience there is a direct correlation between a founder’s ability to attract a successful team and their company’s ability to scale quickly by attracting customers and revenue.


We believe that companies that pay attention to environmental impact, social license and good governance are best placed to capture the loyalty of their customers, workforce and the community.

Each potential investment will be assessed for its alignment  to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

To be treated as an Impact Investment you must sustainably contribute to one or more of the goals, not do harm to another goal and we will examine your company’s vision and the way you intend to operate  


Critical to the success of any business is the experience the founding team has understanding the customer and market. How well do you understand the customer’s problem and what unique insights into the customer and the problem do you have which your competitors don’t? We believe insight matters.


You are a passionate product focused company and you understand the challenges in building complex and important products.

You have thought about strategies to build and de-risk your product already, including the commercial and technical risks involved.  You have a strategy of getting your product in customers hands quickly in the most capital efficient manner.


The company must be addressing a large global market from day one and the company must have the potential to scale quickly enough to capture a large market share.

We expect that the founders and management will have a global mindset with a focus on international expansion, customer growth and revenue as a key goal.

From Melt Ventures

Founding Team

Our investment team have worked with over 300 founders through our more than 100 startup investments.  We have founded companies and scaled them to exit and IPO with plenty of mistakes along the way.

We understand building a company is extremely difficult and emotionally challenging. We find that founders want to work with investors they like and trust.

Domain Expertise

We understand that hardware product based companies are different. Our team and our Partners are focused on deeply understanding and supporting Advanced Manufacturing companies.

We know these companies have different challenges, risks and opportunities than pure software companies. We a long history of understanding and supporting our portfolio companies and we strive to act as a trusted advisor.

Fit for Purpose

We believe that for all founders, time is valuable. The ability to progress quickly through our basic early filtering process is important and respects all stakeholders time. We believe starting with a soft “No” is important and that a hard “No” should take no longer than 2 weeks. We understand a one-size-fits- all approach simply leads to deal and founder fatigue. Our diligence processes are based on your company stage and are designed to be transparent and increase trust.


The team and our  a village of mentors and partners offer world class expertise and mentorship that is invaluable to a rapidly growing business. We will use our experience and networks to facilitate the development of relationships between your  company and potential customers, employees, manufacturers, advisors, strategic partners and follow-on investors.

Strong Networks

Melt Ventures well-established relationships with funds, family offices, angel groups, accelerators, large corporates and governments. We have cultivated a proven and trusted set of investors to co-invest and provide follow-on funding for your company These connections have been built up over years of running companies, accelerators and funds and come from our investors, partners and founders of previous portfolio companies.

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