We provide capital, expertise and advice to advanced manufacturing focused Australian startups with global ambitions. We understand product driven business and founders who are building remarkable companies. Our focus is early stage high growth companies who are passionate about what they do and what they can achieve. Our approach is simple and fit for purpose.

How we invest


We are a thematically focused fund that invests in our three core focus areas.  We invest in Australian companies as our priority.


We will  initially invest between $100,000 and $1.5m into your business and will invest up to an additional $1.5m in your follow on rounds.


We generally lead investment rounds in your company but we are happy to co-invest with other investors.  We will help you find additional investors if needed.


 Our Fund is dedicated to Impact Investments. We believe companies with impact will be more valuable over time

Our Process


Reach out and send us your pitch deck.  We are more than happy to receive it through the website. You can reach out through our Venture Partners of Fund Partners as well. If in doubt you should apply.


If we think there is a strong fit we will get you to do a short pitch to our team. Your pitch should match  your company size and ask.


We are focused on a quick to no process. We also have a fit for purpose Due Diligence process that is aligned to your company stage and investment size. This process should take no longer than 14 days.


We present your company to the Investment Committee. If it’s a yes and we are leading the round you will receive a term sheet. We then move on the investment documents.  We have done this more than 100 times and we aim to make this as smooth as possible.


This is a long term relationship, we will work hard as your business partner we know that your success is our success.

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